Higher minimum wage spurs small business equipment purchases

The President’s intent to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 form its current level will have the exact OPPOSITE effect.  Small business owners will begin buying equipment that does what those minimum wage earners do now.  Want proof?  When was the last time a deli counter person took your order?  For me it has been years.  Our local chain called WaWa replaced people 2 years ago with a Radiant System.  It’s a self-service kiosk allowing you to special order your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Ever read about the old auto-mat?  This was a restaurant with self service.  The higher minimum wage (if approved) could bring about the return of the auto-mat.  Imagine going to McDonald’s and ordering your meal (correctly I might add) with a kiosk, paying at the register with your card and picking up your meal.  That would eliminate thousands of high school kids making minimum wage.

Still not convinced?  There will be a boom in self-service checkout cashiers like those already in Home Depot and grocery stores, if the minimum wage goes up.


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