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Hugh W. Connelly Managing Editor A seasoned small business owner, financier and consultant. A finance professional experienced in raising venture capital, commercial lending, corporate finance and investment banking. I have helped small businesses and small business finance companies raise money and expand in the US and Europe. I currently lead a nationwide small business finance company with customers in every state and in various industries. The goal for The Main Street Herald is to make it a place targeting the needs and issues of small business. My professional credentials include: CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst); Masters in Finance; frequent speaker on small business issues, and gray hair.

Tesla Model S – The First 5,000 miles


After months of constantly checking the Tesla Motors website and blog for production information, I took delivery of my Model S December 19, 2013.  I took advantage of the buyback guarantee (in case the vehicle ended up being the 21st century version of the Edsel) which was a bit of a pain.  I had […]

Big Companies, Small Benefits


If you work for a Fortune 500 company you likely get a host of employee benefits.  If you work at the corporate headquarters you likely get even better perks.  After all that is where executive management are and they can’t have their perks appear exclusively for them.  Many large companies have free gyms for employees.  […]

Higher minimum wage spurs small business equipment purchases

min wage

The President’s intent to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 form its current level will have the exact OPPOSITE effect.  Small business owners will begin buying equipment that does what those minimum wage earners do now.  Want proof?  When was the last time a deli counter person took your order?  For me it has been […]

Dunkelberg on Small Business Inflation

If you only choose to listen to 1 economist, Choose Bill Dunkelberg. He knows small business and he knows America.

Venture Capital for Small Business Part 3


Should You Consider Venture Capital For Your Small Business? (Part 3) By George A. Parker For the fraction of small businesses that qualify for venture capital, this form of financing offers many advantages. Often, two of the greatest advantages are its timeliness and access to helpful non-financial assistance from the investors. These benefits can help […]

It’s Jobs, Stupid!


If there was ever any doubt about what has held the economy down for the past two years, just look at the recent mid-term election results for your answers.  Unemployed people have the time and desire to vote, and they do not often vote for the group in charge when they lost their jobs. The […]

No Recession Here


While some parts of the economy are clearly being affected by the economy, others are less so.

What Small Businesses Really Need to Recover


Regulatory Roadblocks to a Recovery Until the regulators ease their underwriting criteria for new and impaired loans, small business will not get access to credit.  If a lender grants a new loan to a business with marginal credit, the regulators will immediately call for the loan to be impaired.  This has the effect of making […]

Healthcare Plan’s impact on Small Businesses

Tips for surviving the downturn

Biz Survivial Kit

Business best-seller lists teem with titles touting prosperity strategies.  But what if you simply need to keep your business afloat during troublesome times?  Even when difficulty looms, there are still many ways to successfully keep your business going. 1. Begin with your banker. As the saying goes, dig your well before you’re thirsty. The best time […]

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